Border Collies and Librans

BottleArtz Studios is owned and operated by Kevin O’Rourke, an October-born Libran. Anyone who knows or has lived in close proximity to a Libran understands they are similar to border collies. If a border collie has nothing to herd they will typically tear up your house and drive you bonkers. In much the same way, if a Libran isn’t expressing themselves in some artistic endeavor they will, as well, tear up your house or at least make your life miserable (just ask Kevin’s wife). With a BFA degree from Ohio University, BottleArtz Studio has been the perfect outlet for creative expression and household sanity… well to some extent. Please feel free to request custom made items, new challenges are always welcome
at BottleArtz.

Hanging wine bottle candle Hanging wine bottle candle Table top wine bottle candle Hanging wine bottle candle

Artistic Expression